17 March 2008

LIS 602 in Fall 08 Saturdays with LIS 615

I am pleased to announce that we've made a final change to the Fall 2008 schedule.

Our last change is to move LIS 602: Introduction to Multimedia Technology & Resources from Wednesday nights to Saturday morning 9:00-11:40 on alternating Saturdays via HITS. It will share that time slot with my LIS 615, so people can take both classes. There will be additional online exercises and projects to make up for the reduced class time. We are doing this so we can have another class available for neighbor island students and people working full time.

You can learn more about Carol Kellett and her class at her website. Carol is Systems Librarian at UHM and is a Past President of the Hawaii Library Association.

In case you wanted to plan your weekends, it will be:
  • LIS 602: AUG 30, SEP 13, 27, OCT 11, 25, NOV. 8, 23.
  • LIS 615: SEP 6, 20, OCT 4, 18, NOV 1, 16, DEC 6.

Continuing students should make an appointment to meet with their faculty advisor to discuss classes for Fall 08 and Summer 08. You need to get approval from your adviser in order to register. Enrolled students have the first chance to sign up for classes, and then are opened to unclassified students.

Summer registration begins on 1 April.
This year, please note that our summer courses are offered through SUMMER EXTENSION.
You still need to pre-register with your advisor. Courses are listed on the schedule, and more descriptions are available online as well.

Please remember:
* If you are a full time student, but do not take courses during summer you do not need to file a leave of absence form.

* Remember, we do not offer internships/ practica, directed readings or thesis credits during the summer.

(Please see above regarding the fall schedule). Fall registration begins on 30 April.

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